We are Kevin & Lorraine Winslet and, just like you, we love dogs.

18 years ago we moved to a new home on a busy main road, with our Staffie puppy, Ella. She was one of those dogs, that, if you cracked the door open an inch she was away, and the ‘game’ would begin.

If the gate was closed this was not a problem but invariable the caller had left the gate open. We tried about every ‘Shut the Gate signs on the market from polite to the ‘downright rude’ ones, nothing seemed to work well.

One day we printed a sign from our PC with Ella’s photo and wrote the words For Dog’s Sake… Shut the Gate. It worked! From that day forward we didn’t have a problem.

It Works!

It Works!

Our signs, that we really stumbled upon from desperation, really do ‘move the reader to take action. In this case ‘Shut the Doggone Gate! but our other signs work well too.

The reader of the sign pauses, smiles and somehow connects with the message you want to convey.

10 Years ago some very good friends of ours had their friends with children over for the weekend. The two families went shopping leaving our friend at home to work ‘in peace’ and look after the visitors two Belgian Shepherds. Mid – morning the Postman knocked. Our friend just opened the door without even thinking.

One of the Shepherds made a bolt for it, no one knows why. He was an obedient dog. He ran past the postman and out through the open gate straight under the wheels of a passing car. He was killed.

Imagine how the postman felt. Imagine how our friend felt. Imagine how the visiting family felt when they returned from shopping.

All this tragedy from a moments lapse in care.

We said at the time we should make our signs available and we did for a while.

Unfortunately we spent a few years giving what little money we could afford to unscrupulous web designers intent on taking money and delivering little.
Anyway, here we are today. We are now semi-retired with our afternoons free, unless it’s sunny. Technology has moved on and we can ‘cobble’ a website together ourselves, for FREE.

Apologies in advance, if, what we’ve ‘knocked up’ is a bit hectic but we are hoping it gets the message across.

We have decided after 15 years working for ‘human’ charities we will be able to put our energies into saving mistreated, un-cared for & unloved dogs. After all, we got little thanks from all the people we put roofs over their heads. Every day we look at Jim and Ella and we know they are always grateful.

Ella we hear you ask. She’s still with us 15 years old and fit as a 9 year old. The garden gate? We don’t need one, both Jim & Ella are so well trained they wouldn’t dream of wandering, not even for a cat.

Thank you for reading our story. We hope you like our signs and ask you to download one today (or two) and help us, help dogs, less fortunate than ours and your lucky ones.

Take care of yourself, and your dog.

Kevin & Lorraine