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All About Rhodesian Ridgebacks

All About Rhodesian Ridgebacks   Description of a Rhodesian Ridgeback This large sized hound looking breed has a distinctive feature in its short, dense coat. The hair along the backbone actually grows in the opposite direction towards the head, different than the rest of the hair on the dog. This gives the unique “stand up […]

All About Norfolk Terriers

All About Norfolk Terriers Description of a Norfolk Terrier The Norfolk Terrier is the smallest of the working terriers but more than makes up for its small size with its boundless energy and loving personality. They have short, sturdy legs and a square body that is muscular and athletic in appearance. The Norfolk Terrier has a […]

All About Neapolitan Mastiffs

All About Neapolitan Mastiffs   Description of a Neapolitan Mastiff Once you have seen a Neapolitan Mastiff it is impossible to not recognize the breed. They are a massive, huge dog with a broad head, deep set eyes, pendant ears and noticeable lips and jowls. The dogs have a short, dense coat that is usually black, […]

All About Old English Sheepdogs

All About Old English Sheepdog   Description of an Old English Sheepdog Also known as the Bob or the Bobtail, the Old English Sheepdog is a large breed of dog with a profuse, shaggy looking coat. The dog has an unusual body shape in that the hindquarters are actually higher than the shoulders, giving an upward […]

All About Miniature Schnauzers

All About Miniature Schnauzers     Description of a Miniature Schnauzer The Miniature Schnauzer is a distinctive looking dog with its beard, long moustache and bushy eyebrows. They are often described as a square shape, with the face being trimmed to highlight the straight lines and features. The coat is wavy or wiry and almost harsh […]

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All About Miniature Dachshunds

All About Miniature Dachshunds   Description of a Miniature Dachshund An exact replica of the larger, standard Dachshund, the miniature variety is a dynamic and playful dog, just in a very small size. Like their larger counterparts the miniature Dachshund is very low to the ground with short, sturdy legs and an overall balanced body. They […]

All About Chinese Crested

All About Chinese Crested   Description of a Chinese Crested The Chinese crested is one of the rare breeds of dogs that actually comes in two distinctive looks within the same breed. The most commonly known variety of the breed is the hairless dog that only has longer hair on the head, ears, legs and […]

All About Chihuahua

All About Chihuahua Description of a Chihuahua The Chihuahua is such an easily identified breed that most non-dog owners can easily pick out these small sized little dogs. They are very fragile looking with fine boned legs and features, and a head that is shaped like an apple. The breed has very large ears that […]

All About Standard Poodles

All About Standard Poodles Description of a Standard Poodle The Standard Poodle with its signature curly but soft coat is one of the most recognizable breeds. The Standard Poodle is a large sized dog that is very athletic, loves water and is energetic and intelligent. The head is very classic in shape with a slight […]

All About Pekingese Dogs

All About Pekingese Dogs Description of a Pekingese This small breed of dog is often compared to a miniature lion in appearance. They have a long, straight and dense coat with a noticeable ruff or mane around the neck with makes the front half of the dog appear heavier and more substantial than the hindquarters. […]