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All About Chinese Shar Pei

All About Chinese Shar Pei Description Affectionately known as the “wrinkle dog” this medium size, study dog is unmistakable for the folds of skin over his or her face, head and neck. The Shar Pei can have one of three distinct types of coats, the horse-coat, very dense short hair that is rough to the […]

All About Irish Wolfhound

All About Irish Wolfhound Description of an Irish Wolfhound Size, strength and physical presence are the hallmarks of the Irish Wolfhound. One of the largest dog breeds, it is really a gentle giant. The coat is rough and somewhat shaggy in appearance, and is particularly heavy around the neck area and over the eyes. The […]

All About Irish Setter

All About Irish Setter Description of an Irish Setter The Irish Setter has a distinctive deep red silky coat that is medium length and somewhat wavy. The head is carried high and the muzzle is exactly have the length of the total head, with long, fringed hears that frame the face. The eyes are very […]

All About Greyhound

All About Greyhound Description of a Greyhound The Greyhound is a an amazingly athletic dog that gives the overall appearance of speed and endurance. They are moderately tall dogs with long, straight front legs and powerful hind quarters. The head is very sleek looking with a long, tapering muzzle and small ears that are folded […]

All About Great Dane

All About Great Dane Description of a Great Dane The tallest of all the dog breeds, the Great Dane is often called the Apollo of dogs. They have short, very dense hair with no furnishing or feathering. They have an elegant and powerful body with a deep chest and a square body. The legs of […]

All About Golden Retriever

All About Golden Retriever Description of a Golden Retriever This medium to large sized dog is dark cream to golden in color and may have wavy or straight medium length hair over the body. The tail is very well feathered and is held straight out from the body, and seems to constantly be wagging. The […]

All About German Spitz

All About German Spitz Description of a German Spitz The German Spitz breed comes in three separate sizes, giant, standard and toy. Each has the same markings and overall conformation, only the size is different. The coat of the German Spitz is thick with a coarser outer coat protecting a thick, dense undercoat. The giant […]

All About German Shepherd

All About German Shepherd Description of a German Shepherd The German Shepherd dog is known around the world for its role as police dog and guard dog. It is a very muscular, athletic medium to large sized dog that is slightly longer in the body than it is at the shoulders, giving a look of […]

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All About English Springer Spaniel

All About English Springer Spaniel Description of an English Springer Spaniel A medium sized dog with a friendly and happy appearance, the English Springer Spaniel is both athletic and relaxed in appearance. The breed has an easily identified coat that is white with spots or patches of black or brown, or with liver or blue […]