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All About English Setter

All About English Setter Description of an English Setter The English Setter is a easy to identify with its beautiful, silky coat and its setter profile. The English Setter also has a distinctive speckling or spotting of the coat that is very different than other setter breeds. The spots or speckles may be of any […]

All About English Bull Terrier

All About English Bull Terrier Description of an English Bull Terrier The English Bull Terrier, also known simply as the Bull Terrier, is a strong, muscular and powerful dog in a relatively small package. The coat is very sleek and dense, but without an undercoat. The coat may be any one of a number of […]

All About Dalmatian

All About Dalmatian Description of a Dalmatian These beautiful and distinctive white dogs with irregularly patterned black spots have been the icon for fire and rescue departments for many years. While the traditional coat color is black on white, spots may also be liver colored, blue, brindle or lemon or tri-color. There is also a […]

All About Doberman Pinscher

All About Doberman Pinscher Description of a Doberman Pinscher Often considered to be one of the most athletic and elegant of all the dogs, the Doberman Pinscher is a picture of power and grace. They have a long, straight muzzle and a narrow skull. The ears may be cropped or left natural, as is the […]

All About Pugs

All About Pugs Description of a Pug The Pug has a distinctive face that just can be missed. They have a flat nose, somewhat protruding and prominent eyes that are always very moist looking. The nose area is always much darker than the rest of the body. The ears are very small and rose shaped […]

All About Vizsla

All About Vizsla Description Although lightly built, the vizsla is sleek, muscular, and medium-sized, with a beautiful straight, short, rusty golden colored coat.  While out hunting, the vizsias thick coat protects them from the weather.  Some vizslas have little white markings on their feet and chest.  Their average weight is anywhere from forty to sixty pounds […]

All About Tibetan Terriers

All About Tibetan Terriers Description Tibetan terriers are squarely proportioned, medium sized, powerful dogs with a shaggy coat and look similar to a sheepdog.  The double coat of the Tibetan terrier protects the dog, including its widely spaced, large, dark eyes, by falling in front of them.  Their fine, long outer coat is wavy or […]

All About Rotweillers

All About Rottweilers About Rottweilers The Rottweiler with its black and tan markings and powerful body is often considered to be one of the most well known police and military dogs. The head is very broad and somewhat rounded in appearance with a thick, heavy muzzle and small forward folded ears. They eyes are somewhat small […]

All About Tibetan Spaniels

All About Tibetan Spaniels Description Tibetan spaniels are small dogs weighing between nine and fifteen pounds and standing up to ten inches high.  They are shorter than they are long, with a small, slightly rounded head, blunt, short, strong muzzle and a small overbite.  Their nose is black and their dark brown oval eyes are […]

All About Siberian Husky

All About Siberian Husky Description The Siberian Husky is a strong, powerful medium sized dog that gives the impression of compact energy. They are very alert looking with sharply pointed ears that are always held erect. The face is somewhat fox like in appearance with a broad head and strong looking slightly tapering muzzle. The […]