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All About Alaskan Malamute

All About Alaskan Malamute Description of an Alaskan malamute Often incorrectly identified as a Siberian husky, the Alaskan malamute is a strong, large Arctic dog with a coarse, thick double coat. It has a solid, well-built body, furry feet with tough pads, erect ears, a plumed tail and wide head. Although the female and male […]

All About Affenpinscher

All About Affenpinscher Description of an Affenpinscher Although the Affenpinscher is a small breed of dog, less than eleven inches at wither height and weighing from seven to nine pounds, they do not consider them a delicate breed. They are actually very tough, agile, active dogs, fast enough to catch mice and rats. Its rough, harsh, […]

All About West Highland White Terrier

All About West Highland White Terrier   Description of a West Highland White Terrier West Highland White Terriers are compact, hardy, sturdy little dogs that have a rough, white, two inch uncurled coat and a dense, soft undercoat. The west highland whiter terriers have medium length natural coats that are somewhat shaggy. They have deep […]

All About Welsh Terrier

All About Welsh Terrier Description of a Welsh Terrier Welsh terriers look similar to Airedale terriers. They are rugged looking, small dogs that have a double coat, which is course, abundant and wiry on the outside and soft and short underneath. The Welsh terriers coloring is tan, black, and grizzle or black and tan. All […]

All About Welsh Springer Spaniel

All About Welsh Springer Spaniel Description of a Welsh Springer Spaniel A medium sized, compact dog, the Welsh Springer spaniel has a red and white, dark, silky coat. Their hair is slightly wavy or straight and flat with feathering on its legs, undersides, chest, and tail. This should protect the spaniel from the outdoor elements […]

Information All About Weimaraner

All About Weimaraner   Description of a Weimaraner Here you will learn all about Weimaraner. The Weimaraner is an athletic, moderately large, aristocratic looking dog with beautiful lines and a smooth, fine, short gray coat with the ears and head a bit lighter shade of gray. Weimaraner’s are twenty-two to twenty-seven inches high at the […]

All About Vizsla

All About Vizsla   Description of a Vizsla Although lightly built, the vizsla is sleek, muscular, and medium-sized, with a beautiful straight, short, rusty golden colored coat. While out hunting, the vizslas’ thick coat protects them from the weather. Some vizslas have little white markings on their feet and chest. Their average weight is anywhere […]

All About Tosa Inu

All About Tosa Inu (Japanese Mastiff) Description of a Tosa Inu The Tosa Inu are massive, stately, athletic, agile dogs also known as Tosa-Ken and Tosa. Their average weight ranges from ninety to over one hundred and seventy pounds and are around twenty-five inches high at the withers. Its coat is smooth, harsh, dense and […]

All About Tibetan Terrier

All About Tibetan Terrier   Description of a Tibetan Terrier Tibetan terriers are squarely proportioned, medium sized, powerful dogs with a shaggy coat and look similar to a sheepdog. The double coat of the Tibetan terrier protects the dog, including its widely spaced, large, dark eyes, by falling in front of them. Their fine, long […]