All About Yorkshire Terriers

All About Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire terriers have a compact build and, with their heads and tails held high, convey a self-assured, confident demeanor. They have sturdy, athletic bodies and a jaunty gait. Their perfectly straight, silky, fine, extra long coats part in the middle of the Yorkshire terriers back, along the spine, and hangs straight down. The Yorkshire terrier’s colorings are a clean tan on its chest, feet, and face while, from head to toe, the body is a deep steel blue color. It has vivacious eyes, black nose, and semi-erect or erect docked tail.


Yorkshire terriers do not seem to realize their small size and are always looking for trouble and adventure.  They are brave, clever, highly energetic, and while loyal and affectionate with family, they are often suspicious of strangers.  Yorkshire terriers are better suited for considerate, older children and are often aggressive to other small animals and strange dogs.  Despite their tiny size, they make excellent watchdogs because they are light sleepers, wake quickly, and sound an alert.  Yorkshire terriers are intelligent, easy to train, and very affectionate.  Although they are quick and active, bouncing, hopping, scampering, and dashing about, they also require a lot of rest.

Grooming & Shedding

The Yorkshire terrier’s luxurious, long, shiny coat requires daily brushing and combing to prevent knots and mats and keep it looking healthy and beautiful.  Their long topknot is often tied back to keep it out of their eyes.  If the Yorkshire terrier is a show dog with an unclipped coat, they require hours of grooming daily.  Be sure to have the Yorkshire terriers teeth checked and cleaned regularly.


Originating in Yorkshire in northern England, the working class originally bred these elegant little Yorkshire terriers to kill rats.  Although the upper class initially looked down upon the Yorkshire terrier, it was not long before these dogs beauty and charm swayed the skeptics, and soon after, these tiny Yorkshire terriers were sitting upon affluent mistress’s laps and appearing in many dog shows.  Eighteen seventy-two was the year that the first American Yorkshire terrier was born but by eighteen eighty this breed ranged in weight from seven to almost fourteen pounds.  Both overseas and in America, dog fanciers and breeders preferred the longhaired, smaller size Yorkshire terrier and with selective breeding, turned it into the tiny, lavishly long-coated dogs of today. 

Health Issues 

  • Major Concerns: Legg-Perthes, portacaval shunt, tracheal collapse
  • Minor Concerns: patellar luxation
  • Occasionally seen: progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)
  • Suggested tests: knee, eye, liver (ultrasound)


Height 6-7 inches (15-17½cm)
Weight 7 pounds (3.2kg)
Lifespan 12-15 years
Exercise Medium
Apartment Yes
Families Yes
Young Children No
Need exercise space No

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